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Store cattle sales are held approximately once a month at our TLX Powranna site.

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Sale & Curfew Times

8:00pm Wednesday

Store Cattle Delivery Curfew

All store cattle must be delivered to the yards by 8:00pm Wednesday prior to sale. In extenuating circumstances where this is unable to happen, TLX must be notified.

11:00am Thursday

First Sale Commences

Agencies will alternate between who is the first sale. For up to date information on the sale draw, contact your local livestock agent.

12:00pm Friday

Post Sale Delivery Curfew

Stock awaiting delivery post sale after 12:00pm on the Friday will incur transit & feeding fees unless prior arrangements with TLX are made.

Check out our calendar for up dated information on when the next store cattle sale will be held:

TLX Calendar